Sometimes you have to take a step back from all the "things" that consume our lives and take a moment for what's really more important.

So, while this post has noting to do with building, modifying, or using a DIY laser, it may explain why I have not been quite as active on creating new posts for a while.

I mentioned in another post a few months ago that our daughter was having another baby (#4) - our ninth grandchild.  Since then the baby was born, had a few medical issues that are pretty well resolved, the baby is home, and finally ready to have a crib where he can get a good night's rest.

Unfortunately, our daughter does not have a lot of room. So they asked me to design and build a custom bunk bed set to allow the 2 year old to have a youth bed on the bottom and the baby to have a crib on the top. This is what I came up with.

Last weekend we took it to her home, assembled it, and 5 minutes later, the 2 year old was happily sitting in his bed, listening to his 7 year old brother as the older tries to explain the finer points of their Kindle Fire. Not sure the younger one was understanding it, but seemed to enjoy the quite time with his brother.

The gate at the top unlatches and swings down to allow putting the baby in and getting him out.

Since the installation, the baby is sleeping above, and the 2 year old has taken total possession of "his" bed, complaining loudly if anyone else dares to sit on it.

I am happy to see them enjoying it. I am also happy to have it done and out of my always-crowded shop. I continue to grow the laser business, but will be updating the blog with more useful articles on the DIY laser topics you care about than I have been able to over the past few months.

Hope you didn't mind too much my attention to family for a time.

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