My DIY CO2 Laser Tube Cooler

One important part of keeping your laser working at its best is keeping the tube temperature consistent. There are dozens of methods in use around the world, everything from minimal cost low tech home brew solutions to high priced commercial chillers. With a few days off of work (finally!) and another major project on temporary hold, I had time to tackle the problem and see what I could come up with. What I came up with is semi home brew but at a very affordable price.


Increase Your co2 Laser Power for Under $25

There was a mishap this past weekend that, at first, had me a bit upset. As it turns out, however, it was one of the best things that could happen. As a result, I was able to increase the useful power of my co2 laser by at least 20%. And I did it for about $25. Want to know how you can too? Read on.


AWC 608 Rotary Adapter Advance Feature

There is a lot of confusion about the Rotate Adapter Advance Feature of the AWC 608 DSP controller from LightObject.com. Most of the confusion can be eliminated when you understand the correct way to set it up. Since I am helping to rewrite the manual for this controller I decided to spend the time necessary to figure out the correct way to set it up and to put it to the test. I am happy to report that, once set up correctly, the feature works very nicely. The following is the chapter of the manual that I wrote regarding the Rotate Adapter Advance Feature.


Shocking (literally) Laser Tube Experience

I have been busy lately testing new controllers and generally updating some things on the laser. Overall, things have gone well (full reports to come). But today's experience was a real shocker!



Sometimes you have to take a step back from all the "things" that consume our lives and take a moment for what's really more important.


Get Your CO2 Laser Mirrors for FREE

Anyone who has been using a co2 laser for any period of time knows very well the two truths about the mirrors that direct the laser beam from the laser tube to the material being lazed:
  1. Mirrors will get damaged, needing to be replaced, and 
  2. Replacing the mirrors is expensive. 
The first one is inescapable, but maybe there is something you can do about the second. Follow along here and discover how to Get Your CO2 Laser Mirrors for FREE!