Setting the DSP Laser Controller Advance Applications for Rotational Adapter

The DSP Commercial Laser Controller is a great way to run your laser projects. Unfortunately, the documentation is pretty weak, or even non-existent, for some features. Previously, I did a review of the BuildLog.net Laser 2.x open source rotational adapter, but that was focused more on the adapter itself, and did not discuss the software to any extent. Since that time, the software has been updated and setting up the software to run the adapter are slightly different. So, today I decided to figure out the new settings and to make a short Over-The-Shoulder video that demonstrates exactly how to set it up.

Setting up the software is really quite easy. You simply:
  1. Set the pulse width for the drive/motor combination you are using for the adapter.
  2. Set the steps per rotation (I think of this as steps/inch - more intuitive for most of us).
  3. Set the diameter, in millimeters, of the object you are engraving.
  4. Download the project to the laser.
  5. Press the start button.
Of course, this all presupposes that you have the rotational adapter installed and connected and your object placed in the adapter. Again, that was covered in a different video.

So, here is the video for those who prefer to see it rather than follow the words.

Now that I am sure of the settings for the newer software, I am sure I will be using this for products in the new store - Midwest Laser Arts.

There you have it.. simple, straight forward, and it works!

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